Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Terms and conditions

Kindly read our TnC before placing ur order...anyhow, should you have any inquiry do not hesitate to email us. :)

Superlicious choc cake

Superlicious moist choc cake definitely everybody's fav aight?? So good news to u guys, we bake choc cake too!!! :) just drop an email to us for the price..

oreo cheesecake

We love oreosSSss!! so we came out with creamy oreo cheesecake..sgt creamy seriously. so what r u waiting for? just email us at invinciblesweettooth@gmail.com

oreo truffle 2

Hi all, ni semua order for last weekend, but i just upload these 2pics only..nk tgk gmbr lagi, kindly visit our FB page. hehe..

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oreo truffle- blogger gathering

So last Saturday, it was bride to be blogger gathering. since im one of them (now im married..hehe) i should promote my truffle to beautiful bride to be (s) for their hantaran/ dessert buffet/ gift perhaps? and alhamdulillah everybody loves the truffles.. :)

Oreo Truffles- Niza

Order from bride to be blogger, Nizabeba for her wedding in S. Alam..it was our 1st time to receive a huge amt of order. Alhamdulillah.. terima kasih ya Niza!!